A brief life history of M.H.Forrrest


atthew Forrest, also known as Matt Forrest, is a highly accomplished individual who excels as an entrepreneur, metaphysician, and globetrotter. He has authored several notable works, including “The Fairy of Everything (T.O.E): Meaning of Life” series, the “Off-Grid Entrepreneur” series, and the screenplay trilogy titled “Selfish Jeans.” In addition to his writing prowess, Matthew is a gifted inventor, songwriter, producer, and serves as the CEO of ITZA Global.

Under the ITZA Global brand, Matthew Forrest operates a global consultancy that specializes in various operational fields. The consultancy focuses on intellectual property creation, licensing, and franchising options. It brings together the wisdom and expertise of exceptional minds from across the world, working in diverse industrial sectors.

“The Meaning of Life” book series by Matthew Forrest delves into profound philosophies and universal truths. However, it extends beyond mere books, encompassing conferences, mentoring programs, vlogs/blogs, and aligns with the persona of the “Off-Grid Entrepreneur.” These nonfiction books serve as the foundation for the upcoming “Selfish Jeans” movie trilogy.
Matthew Forrest, renowned as the “Off-Grid Entrepreneur,” primarily assists individuals seeking to break free from the traditional 9 to 5 mindset. While the concept emphasizes geographical freedom, it encompasses a comprehensive coaching system and a book. While wealth accumulation is an integral aspect, the emphasis is equally placed on fulfillment and spirituality, as wealth without contentment is futile.
ITZA Global Records operates with a dual focus on both sync licensing and achieving success on popular music charts. Nurturing talent is a core principle across all aspects of ITZA Global, aiming to harness individuals’ passions and enable them to reach their fullest potential.